Monday, September 15, 2014

OWOP; Sewaholic Hollyburn

 One Week, One Pattern. My choice; Sewaholic Hollyburn.

Saturday, September 6; View A- Lady Adler.

Sunday, Semptember 7; View B -Birthday Hollyburn

 Monday, September 8; View C -Ikea Hollyburn

Tuesday, September 9; View B - brown corduroy. It's chilly out but I refuse to wear tights (it's still early September dammit,) so I'll wear leggings instead.

Wednesday, September 10; Ikea Hollyburn and tights. I wouldn't care so much about the *^&^%&^ tights except there is a frost warning for tonight and too many farmers have crops that haven't finished ripening yet, much less been harvested.

Thursday, September 11; Lady Adler - and it didn't freeze last night. Hooray!

 Friday September 12; View C- denim Hollyburn. It's Friday and I'm off to visit my parents after work. I love being at the farm.
 This skirt is quick to make and easy to fit. I may have mentioned this before so that no doubt explains why I have so many (plus the Owls version I didn't wear this week).

How did everyone else make out?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Birthday Hollyburns

My office partner and I share a birthday. Being of a like mind, we decided to see if people noticed if we dressed as twins. But we couldn't be too obvious. 
So one lunch hour we scooted to Northwest Fabrics and found similar fabrics and I made Hollyburns for us both. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Nostalgia Dress. Sub-titled: Mapping a Mash-Up

ETA: Something resembling a sentence in my opening line. The first attempt made no sense at all.

I like my Sewaholic Cambie, but there is one thing about the bodice I'm not keen on - I find it rather open at the neckline.

When I decided to make use the map fabric for another dress, I decided I'd use the Cambie, but with a different bodice front.

I've always liked the look of Vogue 1136 and have had it in my stash for quite some time. But I don't like the back-it's far too casual considering the glamorous picture on the envelope. The front however has sleeves closely resembling those on the back bodice of the Cambie, so with that, I had the bodice of my dress. Then I decided I wanted a fuller skirt then the one on the Cambie, so brought out the New Look 6843. But added the Cambie's pockets -I like skirts with pockets. So it is still kind of a Cambie. If you are very liberal minded, that is.

In the pictures the front looks better than the back, but I think it's the way I'm standing.

The front armhole is rather square -I'll round it into more of a curve next time. I think I would also make it a touch longer.

I like the way my new 'Cambie' turned out. The fabric is a nice weight and the map makes me happy. I like maps and they seem to be fading from usage, no doubt due to the adoption of the GPS. I find that a huge pity given the one time I used a GPS (I was driving my sister's car) it insisted I was not driving on a road. The technology was outdated and could have been a problem for someone who didn't know the route.

Whenever I can find them, I still collect maps of places I have been. Maps give me a more complete view of any place I've been and I can't see how a GPS can ever replicate that.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

OWOP -the Monday to Friday Version

Jane has proposed  'One Week One Pattern' for September. Here is my trial run.
The pattern: New Look 6843 view A.
Monday: My giraffe skirt.

Tuesday: one of the original trio.

Wednesday: red linen/cotton version.

Thursday: oops -no photo but it is another linen blend.

Friday: another original trio version with the green t-shirt.

I also wore the same skirt on Saturday with the orange t-shirt. That wasn't part of the plan, but on my way to Vancouver Island my flight out of Calgary was cancelled due to bad weather. I always carry a change of clothes in my carry-on, so orange it was.
That was fun but I may run with the Hollyburn in September, so there is something different to look at.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

While it Chills my Soul to Do So...

...I do need to plan for winter. And after the awful winter we last had (July was also below normal temperature wise), I still should plan for the upcoming one. 
To whit, when I was on Vancouver Island last week I stopped at Gala Fabris in Victoria and bought some wool. In Bright Colours. I may have to live with the cold but at least I won't be drab. 

I pre-washed it this morning and no sooner had I draped it over the line when it started to rain. I just went to bring it in now  and we had a brief (10-drop) shower so it will have to hang a while longer. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Foxy Dress

This will be a brief post. I spent a good part of the day at the dump in the heat and I'm a little knackered ( a British term, but I love it!)
I finished this dress Thursday morning. It's been in the works a few weeks (?months) and I am glad to be able to now wear it.
I have very few pictures of me wearing the dress -the city is enduring a serious mosquito infestation and the less time spent standing still the better. Cue the sour face.


I originally cut it out during Sew Dolly Clacket. It is a mash-up of two vintage patterns. The neckline and skirt of Style 4980 and the under-bus gathering of Style 4892. I raised the neckline an inch or so or it would not have been at all work appropriate.

The fabric- Ed Emberley for Cloud 9 Picture Pie Fox quilting cotton. The first time I saw a picture of the fabric the back ground looked more gun-metal gray and I think it would have looked better with a slightly darker background. Nonetheless, I still think it is pretty cute.

I lined the bodice in beige cotton- the same stuff I've used to line my last few dresses.

I made no attempts at pattern matching but still one fox is almost perfectly aligned on the front center.


A cool and comfortable summer make. Given its name it should qualify for Oonapalooza but its still a little tame for that. Maybe I could consider it part of Heather's Sundress Sew-A-Long?
Now I really need should work on some tops.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sewing Smalls

 Comfy knickers -every woman's quest. The underwear I bought after my surgery last summer (because the underwear I had before my surgery rubbed the top of my scar) is starting to wear out. While those knickers were ok, they were not the best and I can't see the point of replacing them with a similar, sub-optimal store-boughts.
The underwear pictured below are at least 10 years old and are...ok... too, but better than the latest purchase. I figured I would copy these ones.
Initially I was going to trace them, but then The Geek happened by. Why don't you use scan them she enquired? I must have looked puzzled (something that happens frequently when The Geek flexes her powerful brain). She explained that I would take a picture and use CorelDraw to make a pattern. Lead on, MacDuff.

Picture were taken of all three sections (tho' I forgot to get ones with the ruler she placed on each piece for sizing reference).

 She then freehand traced around each picture and smoothed it out with the software. The half she traced was then cloned and flipped, and then the picture was removed to leave only the 'pattern'.

The pattern was duly printed out on to letter-sized paper, taped together and then cut out. I cut out two sets? pairs? last night out of some interlock I picked up at an estate sale. Judging by how it reacted to the iron I suspect it is a poly-cotton blend, but it works for a muslin.
 I stitched  up this morning. It likely would have taken about 20 minutes had I not broken a needle in the serger, and then run out of looper thread.

I'm sold. These actually fit better than the originals.
 I have some bamboo interlock destined for more. And tons of scraps to use up!